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the forest preserves

The Forest Preserves – a Hidden Gem and a Great Place for Parenting Time and Vacations

Parenting time ideas can sometimes be scarce, costly and daunting. Luckily, if you live in the Chicagoland area, there are numerous free events you can partake in with your children, simply search for the events at your local library, city or village hall, township, and forest preserve websites! I was surprised that the forest preserve offered events and activities for… Read more →



This past week I spent three days attending and training in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (“AAML”) National Divorce Conference. To become a fellow in the academy, an attorney must demonstrate an active interest and competency in matrimonial law. Attending this conference gave me the opportunity to seek out knowledge and sharpen my skills and also gave me the… Read more →


New Maintenance Law in Illinois 2019

Maintenance, previously known as alimony or spousal support, “provides support for the ex-spouse that the former spouse would have provided” had the parties not gotten divorced. In re Marriage of Sappibgton, 478 N.E.2d 376 (Ill. Sup. Ct. 1985). In previous years, maintenance, which is paid from the higher-earning spouse to the dependent spouse, was calculated based on the parties’ gross… Read more →



Mediation is often used as a tool to resolve conflicting family issues just like in business affairs as also other legal matters without the interference of a court of law.   The mediator’s role is to bring about a compromise or understanding between the warring parties, particularly in cases involving spousal and/or child support, decisions to be taken for minors,… Read more →

Custody of child

How to Choose the Right Lawyer For your Custody/Parenting Battle

Choosing the right lawyer  can be  difficult, particularly due to the emotional issues that emerge during proceedings in child custody cases. This is why you need to ensure you select an attorney who can adequately represent you. Why hire a Custody Attorney?   Divorce and Parentage cases are stressful especially when you have children. This is where an experienced attorney can step… Read more →

Domestic Violence

How Does a Domestic Violence Lawyer Protect You?

A domestic violence lawyer is a legal professional who handles matters pertaining to domestic violence and orders of protection. Research shows that nearly 40 percent of women are victims of domestic violence during their lives, twenty people are physically abused every minute by their intimate partner/partners, and one in fifteen children are victims of domestic violence annually and go on… Read more →

Fighting for Majority Parenting (i.e. Custody)? Make Sure You’re Doing These Things

You know you want custody of your child, but knowing what you want and making it happen can often be two different things. If you’re fighting for increased or majority parenting time with  your child, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of winning in court: Use Your parenting time : If you currently have visitation/parenting… Read more →

Dividing Debt During Divorce

Virtually everything has to be divided during and after the divorce process, including your  debt. Generally, all debt accumulated during the marriage is labeled marital debt – i.e. both you and your spouse are responsible for paying that debt back.  In the case of credit card debt, usually  creditors don’t care that two people are going through a divorce or… Read more →