Author: Mervate Mohammad

Is Annulment an Option?

Divorce and annulment ultimately deliver the same result: the dissolving of a marriage. When couples divorce, their relationship is recognized. That is, they were married. Annulment is different: it essentially “erases” the marriage. Legally, it is as if the union never happened. Why do people seek annulments and when are they a viable option? First, in Illinois, there is no… Read more →

What is a Post-Nuptial?

Nearly everyone is familiar with prenuptial agreements – or prenups. But not as many people are aware that there are also post-nuptial agreements. What is this document, and do couples need them? A post-nuptial is agreed to after a couple is already married; like a pre-nuptial, it details the division of assets if the marriage ends in divorce. It also… Read more →

What Not To Do During Divorce

Three Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re in the Process of Divorce The process of divorce is almost never an easy one. It’s always filled with tension, and emotions endlessly run high because every decision seems to be made in the heat of the moment. People often make really poor decisions when it comes to divorce, and that can lead… Read more →

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: A Case Study of the Rights and Responsibilities of Unmarried Parents

It has become nearly impossible to exist in American society without seeing constant updates from the Kardashian-Jenner family, from Bruce Jenner’s transgender journey, Kim’s pregnancy struggles and search for a surrogate, and Kylie’s unexpected pregnancy to Rob’s baby-momma-drama with Blac Chyna. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have had a rocky on-again-off-again relationship that has included an engagement and several break-ups… Read more →

The New Child Support Laws

The issue of child support is one that comes up in cases where children are involved, namely in divorce, legal separation, civil union and parentage cases. In July 2017, the child support law was modified wherein the support obligation would be based off the adjusted net income of both parents along with the number of overnights a child resided with… Read more →

Indiana Practice

Kiswani Law, P.C. is proud to announce its newest venture: Indiana divorce and child support cases. Attorney Stephanie Gilbert has been admitted to practice law in the State of Indiana. Stephanie is excited for the new challenges and opportunities present in practicing in two states, especially given that Kiswani Law’s South Holland office is only two miles from the Indiana… Read more →