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the forest preserves

The Forest Preserves – a Hidden Gem and a Great Place for Parenting Time and Vacations

Parenting time ideas can sometimes be scarce, costly and daunting. Luckily, if you live in the Chicagoland area, there are numerous free events you can partake in with your children, simply search for the events at your local library, city or village hall, township, and forest preserve websites! I was surprised that the forest preserve offered events and activities for… Read more →


New Maintenance Law in Illinois 2019

Maintenance, previously known as alimony or spousal support, “provides support for the ex-spouse that the former spouse would have provided” had the parties not gotten divorced. In re Marriage of Sappibgton, 478 N.E.2d 376 (Ill. Sup. Ct. 1985). In previous years, maintenance, which is paid from the higher-earning spouse to the dependent spouse, was calculated based on the parties’ gross… Read more →



Mediation is often used as a tool to resolve conflicting family issues just like in business affairs as also other legal matters without the interference of a court of law.   The mediator’s role is to bring about a compromise or understanding between the warring parties, particularly in cases involving spousal and/or child support, decisions to be taken for minors,… Read more →

Dividing Debt During Divorce

Virtually everything has to be divided during and after the divorce process, including your  debt. Generally, all debt accumulated during the marriage is labeled marital debt – i.e. both you and your spouse are responsible for paying that debt back.  In the case of credit card debt, usually  creditors don’t care that two people are going through a divorce or… Read more →

Where should you file your divorce, custody or child support case?

Before filing your case, you must determine the correct state, county and courthouse to file with. Filing in the wrong courthouse, county or state may result in a complete dismissal of your case. Courts look at whether there is proper jurisdiction over a case before making any substantial rulings on the pending case. Jurisdiction is the legal word for “where… Read more →