Child Support – Get the Basic Facts

Parent and Baby's Hands and Feet ca. 2002Child Support is a relevant issue for any couple or party involved in a pending divorce, parentage or custody matter. Child Support is the financial obligation of the non custodial party. The purpose of child support is to provide the minor child(ren) with the financial assistance to pay for basic living needs such as shelter, food and clothing. Child Support in most cases does not cover costs for education, out of pocket medical expenses, daycare or extracurricular expenses.

A non custodial parent and/or party is the individual the child is NOT residing with, whereas the custodial parent and/or party is the individual who the child resides with and is the primary caretaker of the child. Child Support in Illinois does not differentiate in amount based on the sex of the non custodial parent, as Illinois believes both parties, regardless of sex, are responsible for supporting their child. The amount of child support is usually determined by the non custodial parent’s net income. Depending on the number of children the parties have, child support may range from 20%-50% of the non custodial parent’s net income. Alternatively, a Judge is given the discretion to deviate from the statute when unique circumstances arise pertaining to the non custodian’s earning capability , the child’s needs, and/or non custodial parent’s lifestyle.

The income of the custodial parent is not relevant to child support. Issues regarding when child support begins and terminates will be addressed in a future article. For questions involving your child support matter, call Kiswani Law at 708-262-9247 for a free phone consultation.