How Does a Domestic Violence Lawyer Protect You?

A domestic violence lawyer is a legal professional who handles matters pertaining to domestic violence and orders of protection.

Research shows that nearly 40 percent of women are victims of domestic violence during their lives, twenty people are physically abused every minute by their intimate partner/partners, and one in fifteen children are victims of domestic violence annually and go on to suffer from learning difficulties, PTSD, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies.

Why get in touch with a domestic violence lawyer?

For all victims, domestic violence is not only a terrifying ordeal but leaves a mark of permanent trauma in the minds of its sufferer. The problem can take an uglier turn when you have children, either as targets or witnesses.

The problem, however, intensifies as most cases of domestic violence go unreported. That’s why it’s all the more important that you seek proper legal help and protection from a domestic violence lawyer. .

What does a domestic violence lawyer do?

Once you have contacted a domestic violence lawyer , she will thoroughly review your case. Then take necessary steps to arrange for legal aid to bring the guilty party to justice.

If your children are also victims of domestic violence, she will arrange for a court order. The order will keep the child or children away from the abusive parent.

Your domestic violence lawyer will make a presentation to the court. They will explain all domestic violence-related incidents that have occurred.

You should put in place these restrictions: restraining the abusive parent from visiting his children at home, arranging for police supervision during visits or even making “electronic visits” by way of video messaging, Skype, etc.

It’s possible this type of lawyer can suspend the abusive parent’s rights with the child.

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