How to Choose the Right Lawyer For your Custody/Parenting Battle

Choosing the right lawyer  can be  difficult, particularly due to the emotional issues that emerge during proceedings in child custody cases. This is why you need to ensure you select an attorney who can adequately represent you.

Why hire a Custody Attorney?  

Divorce and Parentage cases are stressful especially when you have children.

This is where an experienced attorney can step in and represent your rights for custody and parenting time. An experienced attorney will attempt to amicably resolve the issue of custody and parenting. That attorney should also be able to advocate for your case if no reasonable settlement can come into play.

How to make the right choice of a Custody Attorney?

  1. Look for an Attorney: Search for an attorney who primarily practices family law and/or divorce law. Attorneys who profess to practice in all fields of the law are usually not equipped to fully advocate for your rights in a parenting or custody battle.
  2. Make a list of all the attorneys you are considering;
  3. Research: look up your prospective attorney’s reviews from past clients, their websites, their written work, if any, and their credentials.
  4. Narrow down your prospects and meet with each of the attorneys. You need to ensure that the attorney that is representing you is an individual you can get along with. Also an individual who can represent your best interests and a person that you are compatible with. Remember, the attorney you hire will be going through the most private, vulnerable aspects of your life and situation, so you need to ensure you are fully comfortable with your attorney.