Civil Litigation Matters

Landlord-Tenant (Landlord Evictions)

Kiswani Law handles matters related to eviction proceedings. We focus our landlord-tenant practice on the legal needs of commercial and residential landlords. We can help you with matters involving a tenant’s failure to abide by the written lease agreement including failing to pay the agreed upon rent and fees.

Unfair Treatment of a Tenant by a Landlord

Kiswani Law provides strong representation to both residential and commercial tenants who have been treated unfairly by a landlord.

Mechanics’ Lien (Sub-contractor / Contractor)

We at Kiswani Law can help enforce and properly file your mechanics’ lien to ensure you are compensated for the work you have done. If you are a sub-contractor or contractor and have not been compensated for your work, contact Kiswani Law as soon as possible, as timely filing your mechanics’ lien is the first step to ensure you are compensated for your hard work.

Mechanics’ Lien (Landowner/Contractor)

We at Kiswani Law understand that a mechanics’ lien filing is a stressful and difficult situation. Kiswani Law has defended against Mechanics’ Liens in several cases where the Lien was found to be faulty and baseless. We can protect your interests and your property against baseless and faulty mechanics’ liens.