Role & Responsibilities of an Attorney in a Legal Separation

A family law attorney, is a legal professional who primarily handles cases and work  in family matters. This includes divorce, legal separation and custody.  In a legal separation, the attorney will represent you in court. The objective is an order that will mandate your duties and rights as a couple while you are living apart.

The services of an attorney are required more when the spouses face financial or personal issues matters.

Role of your Attorney

Your lawyer will advise you on many matters. These include your marital status, healthcare, debts/liabilities, property rights, remarriage/reconciliation, and final decision making.

Legal separation entitles you to keep your marital status but doesn’t allow you to marry someone else unless you get a divorce.

She will revise you on how to retain your health care and social security benefits. As well as, responsibilities in the discharge of debts of your spouse during the legal separation. Also how to retain individual legal rights to properties held jointly and receive benefits on the death of one party.

Should you be looking at a reconciliation, the attorney will also advise you accordingly and may recommend the services of a marriage counselor and, finally, how you can take financial or medical decisions for your spouse as his/her existing next of kin.

Duties of an Attorney

A legal separation attorney first makes a clear assessment of your case and circumstances involved. Then the conditions to follow to maintain your separation status.

It’s also her responsibility to draft all legal notices or documents pertaining to your case . .

She will also advise you on the issues of adoption, property division between both parties, spousal support payable or receivable, child custody and parenting rights.

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