Custody & Child Support

Child Expenses

In addition to child support, parents are obligated to contribute to out of pocket expenses for their minor children, including education, extracurricular, medical and daycare costs. Kiswani Law can advocate for you to ensure that necessary expenses get payment for your child’s needs.

Child Support

Kiswani Law handles a variety of child support issues. If your spouse/mother/father of your child is hiding income we will find it, if they are trying to minimize income we will show their imputed income to maximize the amount it entitles you and your child to under the law.

College Expenses

The current law entitles children of a divorce or paternity action are ent to contribution to college expenses. If your child is currently attending college or eligible to attend college and the other parent is refusing to contribute to their child’s college expenses, contact Kiswani Law. We will ensure your child gets the financial help and education they deserve.


Kiswani Law understands the fragility of custody proceedings. Kiswani Law can meet your emotional needs while obtaining the best outcome possible for your custody challenge. Whether it is an initial custody battle or a change of custody, Kiswani Law can reach your goals, while minimizing the trauma surrounding your family.

Parenting Time

Every parent has an entitlement to see and spend time with their child. Kiswani Law has experience with negotiating and placing visitation for parents and their children. Kiswani Law has the dedication to keeping your best interest at heart and setting visitation for your child in the safest environment and situation possible.

Removal of a Child

The improper removal of a child can be an emotional and difficult time for a parent. Kiswani Law is equipped to handle your removal claim and ensure the safe return of your child.