Divorce & Legal Separation

We handle both contested and uncontested divorce matters. Kiswani Law understands the importance and sensitivity of the disassembling of a family. We will handle your divorce in the swiftest and efficient way possible.

As a prequel to divorce, Kiswani Law understands the sensitivity and the hardship a couple faces when they are uncertain of the future of their marriage and family. Legal Separation does not automatically lead to a divorce, but parties can obtain marital support, child support, custody and the ability to manage their properties independent of the other during their legal separation.


Not every situation calls for a divorce. We will help you obtain an annulment if you are entitled to it under Illinois law.


When a spouse uses marital money for non-marital expenses, Kiswani Law will advocate for your entitlement for reimbursement of those funds.

Domestic Abuse

Kiswani Law has assisted several abuse victims to escape their unfortunate situation. We care for our clients’ physical and mental well being and will advocate for your rights in all situations.

Orders of Protection (Petitioner)

Kiswani Law assists victims with Emergency Ex Parte Orders of Protection and Plenary Orders of Protection. We can succeed in protecting you from further abuse.

Orders of Protection (Defendant)

Kiswani Law can help fight against baseless Orders of Protection, No-Stalking, and No-Contact Orders.

Property Distribution

The division of real and personal property can be a stressful and emotional experience. Kiswani Law is equipped to protect your interest and ownership of marital and non-marital property.


The dissolution of a marriage usually raises many difficult financial questions. If you are accustomed to a certain lifestyle that was established throughout your marriage, you may be entitled to receive maintenance.