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Making Joint Custody (Equal Allocation) Work – A Few Tips

When you and the other parent aren’t a unit, parenting together typically isn't an option. Often that means parenting apart, and one of the biggest struggles you might find there is dealing with each other. How can you make joint custody (now known as allocation) work for the two of you? These tips can help:…
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Is Annulment an Option?

Divorce and annulment ultimately deliver the same result: the dissolving of a marriage. When couples divorce, their relationship is recognized. That is, they were married. Annulment is different: it essentially “erases” the marriage. Legally, it is as if the union never happened. Why do people seek annulments and when are they a viable option? First,…
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What is a Post-Nuptial?

Nearly everyone is familiar with prenuptial agreements – or prenups. But not as many people are aware that there are also post-nuptial agreements. What is this document, and do couples need them? A post-nuptial is agreed to after a couple is already married; like a pre-nuptial, it details the division of assets if the marriage…
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