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Role & Responsibilities of an Attorney in a Legal Separation

A family law attorney, is a legal professional who primarily handles cases and work  in family matters. This includes divorce, legal separation and custody.  In a legal separation, the attorney will represent you in court. The objective is an order that will mandate your duties and rights as a couple while you are living apart.…
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The Case Study of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas: Illinois Prenuptial Agreement

 If you have been on any sort of social media platform in the past week, it is safe to say you have heard about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s potential engagement. Ever since the world has fell in love with the couple early May of last year with their appearance at the Met Gala, it…
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How to Choose the Right Lawyer For your Custody/Parenting Battle

Choosing the right lawyer  can be  difficult, particularly due to the emotional issues that emerge during proceedings in child custody cases. This is why you need to ensure you select an attorney who can adequately represent you. Why hire a Custody Attorney?   Divorce and Parentage cases are stressful especially when you have children. This is where…
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