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Fighting for Majority Parenting (i.e. Custody)? Make Sure You’re Doing These Things

You know you want custody of your child, but knowing what you want and making it happen can often be two different things. If you're fighting for increased or majority parenting time with  your child, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of winning in court: Use Your parenting time :…
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Dividing Debt During Divorce

Virtually everything has to be divided during and after the divorce process, including your  debt. Generally, all debt accumulated during the marriage is labeled marital debt – i.e. both you and your spouse are responsible for paying that debt back.  In the case of credit card debt, usually  creditors don't care that two people are…
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Making Joint Custody (Equal Allocation) Work – A Few Tips

When you and the other parent aren’t a unit, parenting together typically isn't an option. Often that means parenting apart, and one of the biggest struggles you might find there is dealing with each other. How can you make joint custody (now known as allocation) work for the two of you? These tips can help:…
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